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“I lay law like Derek and the Dominos” – Talib Kweli, blatantly pandering to baby boomers. One of the easiest covers I could possibly do, I don’t know what took me so long but here’s to bad bitch Patti Boyd, all the musical gentlemen from all those SEC states who provided the entire framework of Clapton’s style/mojo but weren’t cute or British so they never got rich* (LOLOLOL, music industry), Duane Allman’s beloved guitar frets 1 through 6 (WHEEDLY WHEEDLY WHEEE), Jim Gordon’s Legitimately Insane ass** for that beauuuutiful “Layla” piano coda, and the Jimmy Conway murderous wreckage scene in Goodfellas, of course. #DerekAndTheDominos #DuaneAllman #EricClapton #BobbyWhitlock #JimGordon #ATCO #Atlantic #TomDowd #CharlesSegar #BillyMyles #CarlRadle #JimmyCox #ChuckWillis #BonyShoulders #Scorsese #JimmyConway #vinylcollectionpost #vinyl #sundresses * Not Clapton’s fault, though. I get it. And at least he got Broonzy and Muddy and them a lot of publicity. ** severely mentally ill. Killed his mom. Also killed IT on the drums, though, so it’s OK

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