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Derek Hess @derekhess Full Failure All American Hero – 2 COLOR SERIGRAPH 2000 @Studiothyholt -If you are into lines, this is your man. I got into Heinrich Kley (see 5 posts back) through reading interviews with him and you could see the similarities in the linework. I love it. Always a fan of music, Hess began booking shows at the Euclid Tavern, a staple for cover bands and blues at the time. Hess soon began to curtail the format of the bands being brought to the tavern into something he liked and was comfortable with. He also started creating the promotional flyers for the shows using his own unique vision and a play off the bands names and genre.

paintguide provides an interesting and somewhat inspirational artefact from:http://ift.tt/1EYrZ5m

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