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‘Begin Again’ – oil on found wood 20 x 20 inches (50x50cm) For Thinkspace Gallery’s (@thinkspace_art) upcoming Spring group show ‘Gumbo’ opening this Sat., April 25th. Exhibit will feature 6 new works of mine (3 paper illustrations, 2 medium size paintings, and one massive 3.5×4.5 foot painting) along with work from Troy Coulterman ( @troycoulterman ) Matthew Grabelsky ( @grabelsky ) Troy Lovegates ( @troy_lovegates ) Sergio Garcia ( @_sergiogarcia_ ) Ryan Hewett ( @ryhew ) and Alex Yanes ( @alexyanes). A truly divergent group of Thinkspace artists, the show reflects the steadily expanding diversity of the gallery’s roster. Firmly forward-looking, while ambitiously setting the pace for the New Contemporary movement, these artists have phenomenal contributions to make and are consistently raising the standard. ‘Gumbo’ is an exciting grouping of the gallery’s contrasting visions, personalities and media. (Reference photo for painting by extremely talented photographer @damienvignaux)

james_bullough provides an interesting and somewhat inspirational artefact from: http://ift.tt/1OpCTdS

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