Shelving it

Shelving to support books and vinyl records, floor to ceiling, wall to wall. The back wall is made of plasterboard, so this poses the first obstacle, to combat this the design will employ vertical supports, in order to handle the estimated heavy load.

Here is a video detailing the benefits of specific wall fixings for plaster board.

Painting & Decorating:
How To Put Up Shelves On Dry Wall Or Plasterboard

Screwfix offers competitively priced fixings:

(1) The initial design planning :
Shelving design

(2) With the uprights :
Shelving designs

(3) With the shelves :
Shelving designs

(4) With the two combined :
Shelving designs

(5) Combined with spacing for the vinyl occupying the bottom three shelves.

(6) 4x LP shelves. (however, the central section would be too narrow for 12″ ‘s)

(7) Additional-middle-shelf : Breaks up the vertical lines and adds more space for smaller books. additional-middle-shelf

(8) Lower-shuffle : retains the three ‘top’ parallel lines.

(9) Central-shuffle : Breaks up all the vertical lines.

(10) Central-small books. Central column allows space for narrower and smaller books.

(11) Six-rows : Floor and ceiling fastening will need to be used, with the introduction of the three new uprights to the construction, as these uprights do not have spportive vertical surfaces to affix to.

(12) Space-for-lamps : Space allowance for the introduction of lamps, vases and other objects to be placed the shelving.

(13) With some measurements:

(1) Inital design planning for shelving ‘space 2’:

(2) Shelving ‘space 2’ with uprights:

(3) Shelving ‘space 2’ with shelves and uprights:

(4) Shelving ‘space 2’ with more space placed to the lower three shelves to allow space for LP’s:

(5) Shelving ‘space 2’ with measurements

Timber Costings for the first shelving unit:

54.5m of Scaffolding planks

30.5m of 1×1

Timber Costings for the second shelving unit:

24.7m of Scaffolding planks

9.7m of 1×1

‘Scaffolding Planks’ Project total:

79.2m of Scaffolding planks

40.2m of 1×1

Alternately, the project could use specifically cut timber to the following measurements:


Shelving unit 1:

330 x 2900 – x6 (uprights)

230 x 2900 – x1 (central uprights)

330 x 1100 – x6 (left shelving)

330 x 1000 – x6 (right shelving)

230 x 1700 – x9 (central shelving)

Shelving unit 2:

330 x 2500 – x3 (uprights)

330 x 1500 – x6 (shelving)

PLAN B (shorter 230 width)

Shelving unit 1:

230 x 2900 – x7 (uprights) +

100 x 2900 x6

230 x 1100 – x6 (left shelving) +

100 x 1100 x6

230 x 1000 – x6 (right shelving) +

100 x 1000 x6

230 x 1700 – x9 (central shelving)

Shelving unit 2:

230 x 2500 – x3 (uprights) +

100 x 2500 x3

230 x 1500 – x6 (shelving) +

100 x 1500 x6

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