“Enkin” introduces a new handheld navigation concept. It displays location-based content in a unique way that bridges the gap between reality and classic map-like representations. It combines GPS, orientation sensors, 3D graphics, live video, several web services, and a novel user interface into an intuitive and light navigation system for mobile devices.

Google Latitude and FireEagle and BrightKite and Plazes and Zkout


Plazes was one of the first applications out there to use location to build a meaningful social network and one of the first to add Fire Eagle integration into their application.  Why did they integrate? Felix from Plazes explains what Fire Eagle offers them in his blog post.

Plazes snapshot

You can publish your Plazes location to Fire Eagle and manage it under the “Plazes extensions” in your account. They were recently acquired by Nokia and we couldn’t be more happy for them or more keen to see what else they come up with.


Brightkite is all about where you are and where your friends are. Building out a location-based social network is something they’ve been thinking about for a while and we’re happy that they have integrated with Fire Eagle. Doing so means that you can easily take your Brightkite location to the rest of the web. To get started, check out the Sharing option under your Brightkite account settings.

Brightkite snapshot

Brightkite is currently invitation only, but Martin was nice enough to give exclusive Brightkite invitations for Fire Eagle users.  Go to the Brightkite link in the Fire Eagle application gallery to get access.


ZKOUT is a social tool for discovering and sharing what’s happening around you. They are creating a seamless experience between your web and phone, so that you’re always connected and always in tune with your surroundings. ZKOUT not only shares your location with Fire Eagle but also reads your location from Fire Eagle, which is totally neat.

ZKOUT snapshot

Using Flash, ZKOUT presents a different method of interfacing and navigating your social network.


Rummble adds a different dimension to your social network by personalizing search results based on things you like and recommendations of people you trust. They may be on to something by contextualizing search results based on your location.

Rummble snapshot

So anyway, we’re happy to see so many social networking services already hooked up with Fire Eagle. It’s good for them because they get to add features, and it’s good for you guys too — you can choose whatever flavor social network you like best. Because at Fire Eagle command we like all the flavors!