Monthly Archives: November 2008

Johnny Lee – Wii Hacks

(johnnys blog)

Drum Buddy

Reaktor 5

reaktor animated circuits also worth a check is Tim Exile Reaktor 5 An fantastic clip from native instruments with Tim Excile explaning how he does what he does Tim Excile

Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors?

(Daito Manabe)

Moldover’s Approach to Controllerism

Check this out ‘Gaming with your thoughts’

more neurosky work LINK

Sony Flexible Full Color Display FOLED

Augmented Reality by Hitlab

Creatable Augmented Reality v0.2

Nintendo wii remote DJ + Nintendo DS VJ

Rewire Ableton Live with Reason

Here is a method  to enable the use of the fabulous software instruments available in Reason to be used inside Ableton Live, via ReWire.

Sonic Marble Run

Here is Jon Piggots ‘Sonic Marble Run’ (built in 2006) This piece of work explores the physical sound source and its electrification.

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